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Richardson v. the Big Three

From NBC/NJ's Carrie Dann
Why attack one candidate when you can attack three instead?

Richardson is hinging much of his run for the White House on his call for an immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. A new mailer going out to Iowa Democrats highlights his plan and slams the three Democratic frontrunners for their more gradual strategy to pull US forces from the region.

"Clinton, Edwards, Obama: Tens of Thousands Left Behind" reads the bold-lettered text.

A carefully footnoted series of paragraphs follows: "Clinton, Edwards, and Obama have said they would leave tens of thousands of troops in Iraq."

"What's more," it continues, "each has 'refused to promise to bring all American troops home from Iraq by January 2013.'"

The mailer goes on to quote journalists and rival campaign web pages to illustrate each candidate's plans to potentially keep non-combat troops in the region "indefinitely."

"No wonder none of them are talking about their plans to end the war," it concludes.