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Rudy's 'Values Coalition' pamphlet

From NBC/NJ's Matthew E. Berger
FORT DODGE, Iowa -- Giuliani is back in Iowa for the first time in a couple of weeks, and he brought with him a new brochure that is unlike anything we've seen before. Instead of the standard red, white and blue, Giuliani's latest pamphlet is gold, with "Shared Values Coalition" in bold letters at the top.

And inside is Giuliani, side by side with Pat Robertson. It quotes his remarks on faith from the Value Voters Summit in October and other religious leaders. "Rudy Giuliani Shares Our Values" is in block letters along the top.

It also includes a new set of "The Mayor's Commitments." It's not the standard "Twelve Commitments" Giuliani references on a daily basis. This set of 10 includes supporting the Defense of Marriage Act, parental notifications for abortions and strengthening home schooling.

The brochure looks to galvanize members behind a new, faith-based coalition, called the "Shared Values Coalition." This handout was nowhere to be seen in Florida the last few days.