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Huckabee fights back

From NBC's Andy Merten and NBC/NJ's Adam Aigner-Treworgy
Huckabee certainly isn't afraid to stand up for himself -- or his political rivals.

Responding to dual attack ads released by the Romney campaign yesterday, which targeted Huckabee in Iowa and McCain in New Hampshire, the former Arkansas governor today defended not only his own honor, but that of the Arizona senator's.

"It's not the most pleasant position to be in," Huckabee said about the Romney ad that hits his record on spending, immigration, and sentence commutations for inmates. And using the matter-of-fact wit that has helped endear him to Iowans, he continued: "If I believe even half the stuff that's in those ads, I probably wouldn't even vote for myself, much less expect you to."

But he didn't stop there. As he did yesterday, he defended McCain from a twin attack ad that was released in New Hampshire. "Look, John McCain is a rival in the presidential race, but John McCain is an honorable, decent, true to heaven American hero." 

"It's like Mitt doesn't have anything to stand on -- except to stand against," he addded.

Also, an independent group has launched a Web site called Trust Huckabee, which debuts with a video mocking Romney's evolving views on abortion. The video, which adopts the same format of Romney's recent attack ads, shows clips of the former Massachusetts governor's conflicting statements on the issue, with a man laughing hysterically in the background.