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Rudy's cable news trifecta

From NBC's Andy Merten
If you need any indication Giuliani is trying to bounce back from weeks off the radar of the national media (save for a health scare that garnered a day worth of less-than-positive coverage), look only at the cable news trifectas he's pulled two days in a row. 
Last night, he sat down for interviews with all three major cable news networks, including one with MSNBC that aired this morning, and tonight, he's at it again -- with an interview on Hardball with Chris Matthews and one on CNBC, as well.
On these appearances, he's touting his "proportionate" state stategy, bracing for what will likely be a fourth- or fifth- place finish in Iowa next Thursday.  Speaking of his February 5th strategy today on Hardball, he said, "If we can convert those into victories, we got a nomination" and "that's when it's all going to get decided."

Notably, his media push comes on the heels of yesterday's assasination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, Giuliani is re-hitting the airwaves with his tough-on-terror message.