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Obama's NH, Iowa ads

From NBC/NJ's Aswini Anburajan

The Obama campaign is launching two separate ads in New Hampshire and Iowa. In New Hampshire, "Unify," is a 30-second spot that highlights the endorsements Obama has received as someone who can bridge the political divide in the United States. On screen lines from editorials in the Portsmouth Herald, the Boston Globe, the Valley News and the Nashua Telegraph appear as a voice over from Obama says, "We have a chance to bring the country together…."

In Iowa, "Listening," is a 60-second spot that attempts to reach out to Democrats, Republicans and Independents.

Obama opens the ad by saying, "America is listening. Not just Democrats but Republicans and Independents who've lost trust in their government but want to believe again."

It shows video of Obama at the Jefferson-Jackson dinner in November, and highlights his record on special interests saying that he's done more "than any other candidate in this race to take on the lobbyists, and I have won."

Obama says that he's running so that he can end tax breaks for companies that take jobs overseas and help to ensure that the 47 million Americans without health insurance receive it.

He ends the spot with the tag, "Your future is our future, and our moment is now.