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Oh-eight (R): OxyContin blues

Nationally, Huckabee and Giuliani are in a statistical tie in a national AP-Yahoo! poll with Huckabee at 22% and Giuliani 21%. McCain places third place with 14%, followed by Romney 13% and Thompson 11%.

GIULIANI: On any other day, this New York Times story -- which details Giuliani's role in helping the OxyContin drug maker deal with a government and PR disaster -- could be a big deal. But this now might only come back to hurt Giuliani in a general if a Dem foe brings it up.

Giuliani -- "suffering from a slide in the polls -- unveiled his first TV ad invoking the Sept. 11 attacks and showing images of firefighters at Ground Zero," the New York Post writes. McCain took a swipe at Giuliani  "'As far as I know, Mayor Giuliani has never been to Iraq,' McCain, a Vietnam POW, said while stumping at an Elks Lodge in Des Moines. He praised Giuliani's 9/11 performance but said it had 'little to do with national security.'"

HUNTER: A Hunter profile!!! The Des Moines Register profiles the candidate. "Hunter has targeted conservatives who want to continue to mount a strong defense for the United States, toughen border security and gain better footing on trade."

ROMNEY: The AP writes that this, in part, was Romney's closing argument to New Hampshire voters yesterday: "The next president is going to have to lead the nation in a time of dramatic change. He's going to have to strengthen our military, strengthen our economy, strengthen our families. In a number of ways, with the recognition that a lot of humility is necessary at a time like this, I do believe that the unique experiences I've had in my life have prepared me for facing the entirely new generation of challenges we face."