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Giuliani ad in FL, NH -- not Iowa

From NBC/NJ's Matthew E. Berger
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Giuliani is going back to the basics, invoking 9/11 imagery and Islamic terrorism in an effort to galvanize voters in Florida. He is doing it in a new ad, in which he relays the story of the "Greatest Generation" that he has been saying for several days. And he does it by picking his audiences, reaching out to veterans and law enforcement in the Miami area Thursday.

The ad, entitled "Freedom," has Giuliani describing the Greatest Generation, as exemplified in Tom Brokaw's book, and then saying those who helped at the World Trade Center were the children and grandchildren of those World War II heroes. "They have the same resolve, the same understanding."

While Giuliani is certainly reaching out to his base, the ad can be seen as risky. Giuliani has been criticized for running on the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and using images from that day could rankle some victims' families and others who will argue it is in bad taste.

Giuliani also goes back to focusing on combating terrorism in his ad. "The Islamic terrorists would make a terrible mistake if they confuse our democracy for weakness. Our democracy means we disagree with each other. But when you come and try and take away from us our freedom, when you try and come here and kill our people, we are one, we are going to stand up to you and we are going to prevail."

The ad will run in New Hampshire as well as Florida, marking his first entrance into television in the state where he is placing much of his hopes. Romney has already been on television in Florida for several weeks.

Giuliani will reach out to veterans again Thursday, speaking at the War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale and holding a town hall meeting specifically for law enforcement in Dania Beach. He will end his day at the Bay of Pigs Museum and Library in Miami.