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Romney on Bhutto's death

From NBC/NJ's Erin McPike
NASHUA, NH -- After retail stop at Norton's Diner here, Romney made the following statement on Bhutto's death in Pakistan. "We have all heard with great alarm and concern the reports of additional tragedy in Pakistan. At this stage, there are conflicting reports about whether Madame Bhutto has been killed or not. But there is, of course, the very risk that she has been killed," he said.

"This points out again the extraordinary reality of global violent radical jihadism. We don't know who is responsible for this attack but there is no question that the violence we see throughout the world is violence which is not limited to Iran, excuse me, Iraq, and Afghanistan -- but is more global in nature. And this type of loss of life points out again the need for our nation and other civilized nations of the West and of the civilized world to come together to support moderate Islamic leaders, moderate Islamic people -- to help them in their effort to reject the violent and the extreme. The world is very much at risk by virtue of these radical violent extremists, and we must come together in an effort in great haste and with grat earnestness to help overcome the threat of the spread of radical, violent Jihad."