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More from the softer side of Hillary

From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli
MANCHESTER -- Attention President
Clinton: If you haven't bought your wife a Christmas present yet, she
could use a good pair of boots.

After an event in Manchester
today, some reporters were invited on board Hillary Clinton's campaign
bus, where the New York senator was chatting with two supporters,
Barbara Marzelli and AnnMarie Morris, as well as Clinton's mother,
Dorothy Rodham, and daughter, Chelsea. Sipping a cup of hot tea,
Clinton talked to the The group shared stories about last-minute
shopping, and proper winter footware.

"I don't get to shop all
that often, so I love going to little stores," Clinton said. "I like
going to Main Streets. … I like to go into stores that are kind of
unique and different." Yesterday in Concord, Chelsea and her
grandmother actually did some shopping there, she said.

said she likes shopping at L.L. Bean, and had done some online shopping
this week. That caught Clinton's attention, after some trouble on the
campaign trail in snowy New Hampshire last week.

"I realized I needed a better pair of boots, because what I had on weren't gripping enough with the ice," she said. "Do you have some good LL Bean boots that you use?" Marzelli showed off her footwear, which Clinton seemed to like. "Standing on your feet all day every day -- thank goodness for boots. Especially in this kind of weather." "I guess you never heard of golashes!" Doroth Rodham responded.

Morse, a New Hampshire resident, introduced Clinton earlier in the morning at an event in the local YWCA, called "Moms and Daughters Making History." Morse, whose daughter, Michelle, died of colon cancer, has been fighting for a national version of Michelle's Law, which allows college student to take medical leave and still be covered under their parents' insurance. Morse thanked Clinton for her efforts in pushing for the national version of the legislation.