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Edwards asked again about 527s

From NBC/NJ's Tricia Miller
CORALVILLE, Iowa – In the day's second media availability, Edwards again took questions on his opinion of 527s.

Asked whether he would call on the 527 run by his former
campaign manager, Nick Baldick, to quit running ads on his behalf and
disclose who his donors are, Edwards said, "I do."

"I do not support 527s," Edwards expounded. "They're part of the law
and I don't have any direct control over it because the law requires
that I stay out of it. I would prefer that all the 527s -- not just
this one -- that all the 527s stay out of Iowa, but I have no legal
authority over that."

But his campaign tried to couch this response as much more definitive in an e-mailed statement, entitled: "Edwards: Stop these ads." "Today, after an event in Coralville, Iowa, Senator John Edwards called on 527 groups to stop running ads," the e-mail begins.

do not support 527 groups," Edwards says in the statement. "They are part of the law, but let me be
clear: I am asking this group and others not to run the ads.  I would
encourage all the 527s to stay out of the political process."