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Oh-eight (D): Dueling NH polls

Another day, another poll the Obama folks can trumpet to prove they have the momentum right now. A Washington Post/ABC poll has Clinton's lead in New Hampshire shrinking to six points (35%-29%). "With Iowa shaping up as a competitive three-way contest between Clinton, Obama and Edwards, Clinton also faces a difficult fight in a state with a history of disappointing national front-runners. In the early fall, Clinton led Obama and other Democrats by more than 20 points in a University of New Hampshire-CNN-WMUR poll."

"Although Clinton's edge has shrunk, her supporters are more enthusiastic and loyal than are Obama's or Edwards's, and she scores better on measures of strength, experience and electability than any rival. She was also the most trusted on six out of seven issues tested in this poll. But New Hampshire voters said Obama is the most inspiring candidate in the field, by a 2 to 1 ratio over Clinton."

On the other hand, a Marist poll (from Nov. 28 to Dec. 2), shows Clinton leading in New Hampshire 37%-23% over Obama, with Edwards at 18%.

BIDEN: The campaign says it will be picking up some endorsements today: New Hampshire State Rep. Dan Eaton (who is the House Floor Majority Leader and the Asst. Majority Leader) and Massachusetts State Representatives Charles Murphy (D-Burlington) and Robert Rice (D-Gardner).

CLINTON: Seeing the news stories that had both Clinton and Edwards commenting on the mortgage crisis is a good reminder that it's possible the two candidates -- at least in Iowa -- are fighting for the same blue-collar voting groups. Listening to Clinton, in particular, give the toughest anti-Wall Street speech she's ever given also is a reminder of how she's had to continually move to the left of her husband on economic issues.

The New York Times: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign distanced itself today from an Iowa volunteer who forwarded an e-mail message falsely stating that Senator Barack Obama was Muslim and was running for president as a Manchurian candidate. 'This was wholly unauthorized, and we were totally unaware of it,' said Patti Solis Doyle, Mrs. Clinton's campaign manager. 'Let me be clear: No one should be engaging in this.'"

The New York Post: Hill fires e-mauler: sent out Obama Muslim screed.

Bill Clinton has a new spokesman. Ever since Jay Carson moved from Bill to traveling with Hillary, 42 hasn't had chief spokesperson. He does now: Matt McKenna has been hired to be Bill's communications director. McKenna most recently worked for Sen. Jon Tester (D), and before that, he worked on Tony Knowles' Senate campaign in Alaska.

OBAMA: "In the past week, questions have been raised about whether Obama's campaign committee was using Hopefund to benefit the campaign. While the FEC has not ruled that contributions cannot be used to advance politicians' political careers, questions have been raised on whether the donations - partly because of their size - fall into a different category of expenditures that are barred." Obama's PAC, though donated $5,000 to Clinton's New York Senate run. "Given that she transferred $10 million from her Senate campaign to her presidential campaign, I may be financing the attacks that are taking place against me right now," he said.

The New York Times' Gail Collins writes on the kindergarten criticism Clinton made of Obama and gets communications director Howard Wolfson to say that including Obama's kindergarten essay in a press release was a mistake.

The top story in the Columbia State is "Oprah event outgrows arena." The event was scheduled to take place at an 18,000-seat arena and has now been moved to the 80,000-seat Williams-Brice Stadium at the University of South Carolina. The campaign says they don't expect to fill the stadium, but it does mean that the many who have been trying to get tickets will now be able to attend. One professor said, "It may be the biggest crowd for a political candidate in South Carolina's history."

One day after the Oprah-palooza, Obama is hosting ANOTHER celebrity event in Los Angeles. Check out the who's who -- from Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson to the Goo Goo Dolls.

Just asking: Is he crossing any picket lines while in Universal City? Also, does Obama need to cut down on the celebrity stuff after Oprah and this? If Obama gets too Hollywood, does that become a problem?