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More oh-eight: IA and FL news

The Politico's Roger Simon takes an in-depth look at the Iowa ground game. Longtime Simon followers will remember that he did one of the only "what happened" stories on Dean's Iowa ground game in the summer of 2004. Simon seems to revisit a lot of his sources from that excellent piece to lay the foundation for this year. It's a great primer for those that don't know Iowa well.

Meanwhile, Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa predicted Romney and Obama would win the Iowa caucuses, but that Iowa may not have as much influence this year because of the crunched primary calendar.

Florida Democrats lost their primary lawsuit against the DNC, but in a release yesterday they noted that the non-binding primary would influence how the state would make up its delegation to the convention. "Accordingly, the Florida Democratic Party will respect the voters' choice on January 29th in determining the allocation of our delegates to the 2008 Democratic National Convention. We are confident that the Democratic Presidential nominee will seat Florida's delegation at the Convention.""

Basically, the Florida Democrats believe there's no way the eventual nominee will not seat a delegation at the Denver convention.