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Fred on rivals, Guantanamo

From NBC's Lauren Appelbaum
One day before Romney is set to deliver his faith speech, reporters pressed Thompson for an opinion on the speech. "Let's wait and see what he has to say without prejudging his comments," Thompson said after receiving an endorsement from the South Carolina Citizens for Life.

"I heard that he was going to make a speech outlining his views and the last couple of days, I heard where he made several statements what the speech will not be," Thompson continued in Columbia, SC. "But I'm not sure what it is going to be. So I'll let him make his statement as he needs to. If I have any comment about it, I'll make it after he makes his."
Reporters also asked Thompson about the allegations concerning Huckabee's parole of Wayne Dumond. While Thompson hesitated to make a firm comment, he did outline the difference between their two views on commuting the sentences of a large number of criminals. "You should not be thwarting the judgment of the court and a jury with regard to serious criminal offenders," he said. "When you have large numbers that are being set free, you have to wonder if that's the right thing to do. When I strictly look at it from a numbers standpoint in Arkansas, it certainly raises questions in my mind and it's something I'm looking at and might have something to say about it when I know more of the details."
Thompson also said people in Guantanamo should have habeas corpus rights because "they are not United States citizens." "The legislation that passed Congress and was enacted into law gives them the rights that are appropriate," he said. "But they do not have the same rights as United States citizens and they should not."