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Wes Clark hits airwaves for Hillary

From NBC's Mark Murray
Retired Gen. Wes Clark, who ran for president in 2004 and has endorsed Hillary Clinton this time around, appears in a new Iowa TV ad for the New York senator. "I see that Hillary's opponents have started attacking her," he says in ad. "That's politics. What this country needs is leadership... I've known Hillary Clinton for twenty-four years.  I know she has what it takes to end the war in Iraq, avert war with Iran, and restore our country's standing in the world. These are tough times and Hillary Clinton is the right choice for America."


Clark, campaigning for Clinton in Iowa today, held a conference call with reporters to announce the TV ad. Asked by a reporter whether it's Hillary attack Obama -- and not vice versa -- Clark replied that he attended the October 30 debate in Philadelphia, and that is when Obama began attacking Clinton. "It is clear who started the attacks and why."

Clark also was asked if his message would resonate in Iowa, given that he bypassed the state's caucuses in his 2004 presidential bid. "I've been back to Iowa many times," he responded. "Mistakes are mistakes. We shouldn't have bypassed in [2004]. I was extremely well received then and received now."