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Huck: Romney faces less Q's on faith

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Huckabee bristles about the depth to which he's asked questions about his faith in an interview with GQ and contends that, comparatively, Romney gets far less scrutiny of his Mormon faith.

"No one's just kept pressing and pressing and going into the details of his doctrine," Huckabee says of Romney.

Here's an excerpt:
So, generally, do you think it's fair for people to take a candidate's theological convictions into consideration at the polling place?
As long as everyone gets the same scrutiny. That's what I don't think is fair: I've been given an unusual level of scrutiny. No candidate gets quizzed to the depth that I do about faith.

Really? Even Mitt Romney?
He hasn't gotten nearly as much for his Mormonism as I have for being a Baptist. I mean, I've never heard the kind of interviews with him that I got from Bill O'Reilly or Wolf Blitzer. No one's just kept pressing and pressing and going into the details of his doctrine. Not that I've heard.

In the past, being a minister was your job.
Okay, but are you quizzing Rudy Giuliani about being a lawyer? I haven't been a pastor in sixteen years. I mean, if you want to go back sixteen years and ask Fred Thompson, "What were you doing?" I don't mind; I just think that there's—

But don't voters have the right to know whether you believe in, say, evolution?
Only if I were saying that I would, as president, do everything I could to prevent the teaching of certain things. But I'm not. The president doesn't choose eighth-grade textbooks in science. Those are school-board decisions.

Okay, so, you're running for school board: What would you say?
I think people should be exposed to evolution. They should be taught that, yes, this is the prevailing scientific view, but that there are others who happen to view things differently.

How do you view things?
I wasn't there; I don't know. When I get these detailed questions, I just say that I believe that God did it and that I just don't know how he did it.

So you're more of an agnostic on evolution.
I would never want that word ascribed to me. Here's the point I want to make: Even if I had very adamant views about eschatology or creationism, I don't go out as president and say this is the only view Americans should have.