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Clinton leads in new polling

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
A new AP-Pew poll shows Clinton ahead nationally and in the three early nominating states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. This poll will likely get a lot of play, because it is connected with a wire service, but it should be noted that the state polls were conducted over two-and-a-half weeks from Nov. 7 to 25. The national poll was conducted from Nov. 20 to 26.

In Iowa, the poll finds Clinton leading -- within the margin of error -- Obama and Edwards, 31%-26%-19%. Richardson holds at 10%. In New Hampshire, the New York senator leads Obama two to one, 38%-19%. Edwards is close behind with 15% and Richardson, again, was fourth with 10%. In South Carolina, Clinton also holds a double-digit lead, 35%-21%, over Obama. Edwards is third with 10%. In the Palmetto State, Clinton and Obama split the black vote (Obama 44%, Clinton 43%), but Clinton leads disproportionately among whites.

Nationally, where Clinton has led for months, she is ahead of Obama and Edwards, 48%-22%-11%.