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Edwards downplays new IA poll

From NBC/NJ's Tricia Miller
FORT DODGE, IA -- Following his remarks at a town hall at Iowa Central Community College, Edwards told reporters that the new Des Moines Register poll showing him trailing Obama and Clinton in Iowa is consistent with all the other polls in the state.

"Basically we have a very tight race here in Iowa between Sen. Clinton, Sen. Obama and myself. That's been true the whole time, and what really matters is, as I learned very up-close-and-personal in 2004, is what happens in the last 30 days," he said. "It's when people start making decisions. It's when they're looking for somebody who will tell them the truth, who will fight for change, and somebody they believe can win the general election. I can do all those things."

During the town hall, Edwards introduced his plan for regulating the credit card industry by creating a commission to provide oversight for financial services products, help state and nonprofit entities offer low-interest loans, and, per the press release, "subsidize bank accounts for low-income workers ... and create work bonds to match their savings."