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Obama, Huck lead in IA; McCain's nod

From NBC's Mark Murray
A quick Sunday update: A new Des Moines Register poll has Obama leading Clinton in Iowa, 28%-25%, with Edwards in third at 23%. Obama's lead, however, is within the poll's margin of error of plus-minus 4.4%. In October, Clinton was ahead (at 29%), followed by Edwards (at 23%) and Obama at (22%).

In the GOP field, Huckabee is now leading with 29% -- followed by Romney at 24%, Giuliani at 13%, and Thompson at 9%. Huckabee's 29% is "a gain of 17 percentage points since the last Iowa Poll was taken in early October, when Huckabee trailed both Romney and Fred Thompson."

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, McCain picked up the endorsement's of the state's influential -- and conservative -- Union Leader. "We don't agree with him on every issue. We disagree with him strongly on campaign finance reform," the paper writes. "What is most compelling about McCain, however, is that his record, his character, and his courage show him to be the most trustworthy, competent, and conservative of all those seeking the nomination. Simply put, McCain can be trusted to make informed decisions based on the best interests of his country, come hell or high water."

Des Moines Register/Iowa poll – Democrats