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Biden's turn before the DNC

From NBC's Samantha Mehrotra, Liberty Matias, Lindsay Garfield
VIENNA, VA -- Biden addressed the DNC today, trumpeting his foreign policy expertise and his ability to lead the country out of Iraq. Despite looming obstacles, he promised results and a definitive exit strategy. "Iraq is like a boulder in the middle of the road -- it denies us the credibility to lead the world and the flexibility to solve our problems here at home," he said, later adding that he will end the war on the first day of his presidency.

The Democratic contender also pledged to restore moral authority in Washington. He argued that Republicans have often replaced morality with ideology, supporting policies that favor tax cuts to higher-income families and legislation that inhibits access to education.

If he becomes the Democratic nominee, Biden said, he looks forward to competing against his Republican opponents. "I cannot wait to debate Romney or Thompson, and I can hardly wait for Rudy… We will eat these guys alive -- on national security, on domestic security…"

In a sentimental closing, Biden said the election is about reconnecting with voters' needs -- speaking to both their hearts as well as their mind.