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Edwards speaks on Washington 'wall'

From NBC's Samantha Mehrotra
VIENNA, VA -- Edwards appealed to Democrats, asking party members to join him in the fight to oust a rigged political system that continues to consume Washington. "There's a wall…and we need to take that wall down," Edwards said, adding later, "For decades, politicians without convictions and powerful interests gathered their bricks and their stones and their mortar, and they went to work."

Edwards centered his speech around "the wall" today, blaming the partition on economic divides, expanded health care costs and a struggling education system. The candidate also addressed the War in Iraq, calling for increased diplomatic initiatives.

The presidential hopeful reminded Democrats to make a conscientious choice this election and to elect a candidate with fervor: "Every single day, you have a choice in this election….We can settle for baby steps, half-measures, incremental change…Or we can have some backbone, courage and strength….'"