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Kucinich at the DNC

From NBC's Lauren Appelbaum
VIENNA, VA -- Arriving at the DNC Fall Meeting for the afternoon session, it is hard not to notice an absence of sorts. Driving into the Sheraton Premiere, Clinton and Edwards signs -- and no Obama signs -- line the path. At the door, Clinton supporters fight to be noticed among a lone Kucinich supporter, who wore a peace sign and attracted attention. Before any of the candidates slated to speak this afternoon (Kucinich, Biden, and Clinton), Howard Dean announced Clinton would not be addressing the DNC because of the hostage situation. The area reserved for the candidates' supporters emptied out a bit, going from a standing room only crowd to a comfortable crowd with some open seats.

Kucinich was the first presidential candidate to speak after lunch. He attempted to get as much material as possible into his 10-minute time slot. Speaking like an auctioneer, Kucinich discussed his plans for universal single-payer health care and for helping every American own a home because it is "a fundamental right in a democratic society." He took advantage of the opportunity to take a jab at Biden, saying the Delaware senator's call for Bush's impeachment if he goes to war with Iran "would be a little bit late, with all due respect."

Before ending his speech, Kucinich sent his good wishes toward Clinton and her campaign staff. "We're in solidarity with Hillary at this moment when we think about what she's going through." He then went on to express his sadness that some people can only express themselves through violence.