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Initial takeaway from the debate

From NBC's Mark Murray
Perhaps there was a good reason why some of the GOP candidates were wary about the format of this YouTube debate. On many of the questions -- like over the Bible, the Confederate flag, and black-on-black crime -- the candidates looked as uncomfortable as a Republican at a Socialist Club meeting. The loosey-goosey, bottom-up nature of the Internet just doesn't seem to be that great of a fit for a top-down, buttoned-up Republican Party. Indeed, outside of Giuliani's campaign video, none of the candidates seemed to have fun with their own YouTubes.

It wasn't until the last question -- over Rudy's support for the Red Sox -- that the candidates seemed to have fun with the debate and the format.

Are there broader implications for a Republican Party that's not comfortable with this medium? Perhaps, when you consider fundraising and debate venues like this one.