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McCain revisits torture issue

From NBC's Andy Merten

Although McCain showed his signature dry wit during a press conference in St. Petersburg, FL this morning while answering questions about last night's debate, he reserved some serious candor when he revisited last night's discussion between himself and Romney on waterboarding.

"If we're not better than our enemy," said McCain, "then it's very hard for us to maintain and keep the moral high ground in this ideological struggle that we're in against radical Islamic extremism."

He went on to say Romney "should at least get better briefed," adding of the torture technique, which is banned by the Geneva Conventions:  "I would also hope he would not want to be associated with a technique which was invented in the Spanish Inquisition, was used by Pol Pot in one of the great eras of genocide in history, and is being use on Burmese monks as we speak."

But the Arizona Senator earned a couple chuckles from the group of reporters when he expressed happiness with his performance last night, saying, "My staff don't show me the bad reviews, only the good reviews, so I'm exhilarated.  Last time they showed me a bad review, we didn't see them for a while."