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Conservative activist endorses Romney

From NBC/NJ's Erin McPike
On the heels of last night's Republican debate, the Romney campaign announced that the former governor has scored another important endorsement from conservative activist David Keene.

According to the campaign's statement, Keene explained, "As this race began, I intended to

remain neutral both because there was no conservative consensus candidate and because I know and admire several of those running for the Republican nomination who I believe could win next fall. In recent months, however, Governor Romney has emerged as the single candidate most worthy of conservative support."

Keene is the chairman of the American Conservative Union and has worked with numerous presidential candidates -- though in failed campaign runs, including Reagan's and George H.W. Bush's initial attempts, and Dole's 1996 race. He also worked for Spiro Agnew.

One thing absent from the campaign's release is Keene's involvement on the National Rifle Association's board. Given the ruckus that Thompson made recently on Second Amendment rights that made some waves with other top GOP candidates, it seems to be an interesting omission.