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Fred's extended video hits Rudy

From NBC/NJ's Adam Aigner-Treworgy
As if Thompson's YouTube-style video from last night's debate wasn't receiving enough attention, the campaign is now releasing an extended version of last night's video entitled "Revolution," featuring hits on all three of his major opponents. Dubbed by the Romney team as this campaign's first "attack ad," the video that aired last night featured old clips of Romney and Huckabee supporting abortion and tax increases respectively.

Well, the two-minute extended version posted on Thompson's website during the debate and released to media outlets today includes one more line of attack. The video opens with a message that reads, "During the Republican Revolution, Fred Thompson was leading as a proud conservative." Then after the clips of Romney and Huckabee shown last night, the extended video includes two clips of a younger-looking Giuliani announcing his endorsement for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in New York, Mario Cuomo, and saying that the NRA goes "way overboard, it's almost what the extremists on the other side do."

The fact that the campaign decided to exclude the part about Giuliani last night in favor of the two candidates closer to Thompson in the polls seems to indicate where the campaign feels its opposition resources are best spent. And although the campaign has said it will not be buying any television time for its new video, it is sure to cause something of stir with the chattering class.