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Thompson crowd likes video

From NBC/NJ's Adam Aigner-Treworgy
After lots of clapping in the beginning of the debate, the crowd
here in Arlington was relatively quiet until the airing of his YouTube
style campaign video. Thompson's video showed clips of both Huckabee
and Romney talking about the income tax and abortion respectively.
Fred's line that he "thought he would give his buddy's a little extra
airtime," got a big laugh and the crowd here was like Cooper's
decision to let Thompson respond first. Was Romney's line that he
didn't recognize that young guy in the video a joke that hits too close
to home?

Huckabee's line that when they're kicking you in the
rear it just means you are still out front also got a good laugh.
Supporters here are not listening to former Senator and presidential
hopeful George Allen give some talking points against Rudy and Romney
on immigration.