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More oh-eight: Plenty of NH news

— NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli reads "Granite Status" in the Union Leader so you don't have to!
-- Donna Brazile will support a full Democratic delegate slate from New Hampshire when the state requests a waiver from the sanctions.
-- Obama's camp says PAC donations to state Dems are entirely legal.
-- John Edwards "wouldn't take a swing" when asked about Obama's PAC contributions. "I don't personally know enough about what the PAC has done and what its ongoing connection to Sen. Obama is. That's the unease I have about commenting about that," he said, adding, "I think that for today, I'm going to stick to the positive thing I'm trying to do."
-- Campaigns aren't sure if the Iowa bounce will be stronger with only a five-day gap between Iowa and NH.
-- Richardson "is pouring it on" with direct mail.
-- Former state Senate President Arthur Klemm will endorse Rudy.