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Fact-checking Romney's tax record

From NBC/NJ's Erin McPike
Yesterday in Florida, Romney lashed back at Giuliani for taking him to task on his tax record, saying that the former New York mayor's comments were unfounded. "I cut taxes 19 times," he told reporters. But that claim raised eyebrows in the Giuliani campaign, causing the team to wonder just what those 19 tax cuts were.
Last night, the Romney camp started circulating papers documenting the tax cuts.
Indeed, there were 19 tax cuts, according to the campaign's documents, but they are listed in a couple of different categories. Ten were "filed by governor and enacted" -- three of which were the BioTech Job Incentive Payment Credit, the Fire Sprinkler Accelerated Depreciation, and the Senior Circuit Breaker Expansion.
The other nine were "not filed by the governor but enacted by the legislature." And a few those were the Home Heating Oil Deduction/Energy Efficiency Credit and the Job Incentive Payment Expansion.