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A-hunting we will go ... in NH

From NBC's Joe Laliberte
NBC News has obtained a Richardson mailing to New Hampshire voters, entitled "Protecting Our Sporting Heritage." Its cover photo features Richardson hunting with a man and a young boy, all of them holding shotguns.

The mailing goes on to say, "Bill Richardson protects 2nd Amendment rights. Americans have a long and proud sporting heritage, and that heritage is strong here in New Hampshire. It's a heritage Bill Richardson shares, and as a gun owner and outdoorsman, it's one he's worked to protect... And as a candidate for governor, Richardson was endorsed by the NRA in 2006." It concludes, "Bill Richardson will never support legislation that would compromise 2nd Amendment Rights of Responsible Gun Owners…"

The mailing also refers to his community Web site for sportsmen, www.SportsmenForRichardson.com. Yet while Richardson has never backed away from his support of gun rights -- in fact, as First Read has mentioned before, Richardson is the NRA's favorite presidential candidate in either party -- this particular site doesn't appear on his campaign's main Web site. While the main site links to communities such as Veterans for Richardson and Native Americans for Richardson, it doesn't mention Sportsmen for Richardson.