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Edwards joins the spat over health care

From NBC's Mark Murray
The Edwards campaign -- which is proud to beat its chest that it introduced its plan first -- joined the Clinton-vs.-Obama spat over health care.

"Barack Obama's plan leaves out 15 million people. The truth is that some people will choose not to buy insurance even though it's affordable, knowing that the rest of us will pay for their emergency room visits," Edwards said in a statement. "But it is just as bad to say that everyone will have insurance without a plan to get there. Hillary Clinton says her plan will cover everyone through a 'mandate' but does not provide even the most rudimentary idea much less a detailed plan of how this 'mandate' would work. To get fundamental change in our health care system, we need a fundamental change in our politics. That starts with being clear and direct about what we are going to do and how we are going to do it."

A campaign press release goes on to describe how Edwards' plan would cover all Americans:
-- require proof of insurance when income taxes are paid and when health care is provided  -- families without insurance will be enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP or another targeted plan
-- families that lose coverage will be expected to enroll in another plan or be assigned one