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FL poll: Huck surges, Fred falls

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Check out these new Florida numbers -- before the GOP debate there tomorrow -- showing Huckabee climbing to second place there and Fred Thompson dropping into single digits. Giuliani retains the top spot at 26% in the Insider Advantage/Majority Opinion poll; Huckabee is second at 17%; McCain is third at 13%; Romney is fourth at 12%; and Thompson is fifth at just 9%.

Huckabee picked up 11 percentage points and Thompson dropped 10 from the same poll a month and a half ago. Huckabee and Thompson are largely going after the same voting bloc -- Christian conservatives -- and Thompson has touted his potential geographic advantage in the South. Giuliani has led in Florida polling, but Thompson has been locked in a tie, if not in first, in South Carolina. But it will be interesting too see where he will be when newer polling comes out.

Romney dropped four points -- slightly outside the 3.8% margin of error -- from the last poll and McCain saw a three-point boost.

Insider Advantage/Maj. Opinion