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Hillary picks up more endorsements

From NBC's Christina Jamison, Mark Murray and NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli
CONCORD, NH -- Arriving nearly an hour late due to weather conditions, Hillary Clinton accepted the endorsement of New Hampshire's first lady, Susan Lynch.

Lynch said with the exception of her husband, she rarely publicly gets into politics. But, she added, "Hillary and I share a lifelong commitment for fighting for a very important goal, and that is health care for children and families. And I believe Hillary is the candidate who can finally succeed in this area."

Clinton cited Lynch's experience as a pediatrician and praised her for her work to promote health care and prevent childhood obesity. "It's really time to promote prevention and that's what Susan has talked about."

Gov. John Lynch (D), who was re-elected last November with a whopping 74% of the vote, will remain neutral in the primary race. "He respects [his wife's] decision to endorse, but the governor will remain neutral," said Colin Manning, the governor's press secretary. "He is focused on being a good host for the primary."

Also today, Clinton picked up the endorsement of Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette (D), who has become the House Democrats' point person on embryonic stem-cell research. "Hillary Clinton has the strength and experience we need in the next president of the United States," DeGette said in a statement. "Under her leadership, we will finally provide quality, affordable health care for every American. These challenging times call for a leader with Hillary Clinton's ability to hit the ground running on her first day in the White House."