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More oh-eight: No Colbert?

"South Carolina Democrats refused yesterday to let [Stephen Colbert] on the January

primary ballot, and he didn't file by yesterday's deadline for the Republican primary, after having hinted that the $35,000 fee might be a deterrent."

The Politico's Harris and Vandehei look at the possibility that an angry electorate in '08 could hurt the Democrats as much as it hurt the GOP in '06.

Thanks to the final back-and-forth over immigration at the end of Tuesday's debate, Democrats are learning that they to need to start paying attention to the immigration issue. "Immigration, chief Clinton strategist Mark Penn said, is emerging as 'a new wedge issue' for Republicans, who will attempt to use it to paint Democrats as weak on border security."

A new Winthrop Univ./ETV South Carolina poll has VERY high undecided results, either proving the electorate is very fluid or the pollster didn't push for leaners. Thompson narrowly led with 18%, Giuliani and Romney were tied at 17%. On the Dem side, Clinton had a more formidable lead with 33% to Obama's 23%. Edwards barely received double-digits, 10%.