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Pelosi fires back at Bush

From NBC's Mike Viqueira
"What does he have to show for his presidency?" Speaker Nancy Pelosi asked today, with her hands outstretched. She said that the president is talking about his library, but all he will have to put in it is "tax cuts for the wealthy" and "a war with no end that is a failure."

"He stoops to a level that is beneath the office" of the president, she concluded.

Pelosi was responding the the red meat dished up by President Bush in a speech today at the conservative Heritage Foundation.

On the war supplemental monies, she said that the president has "wasted billions" and that the request will be the subject of "harsh scrutiny." Democrats are likely to approve a small portion of the $196 billion now and wait until next year to send the rest.

Yet Pelosi said that she, too, doesn't approve of the job that Congress is doing. She was asked why, despite recent efforts by Democrats to tout their accomplishments this year, Congress has such a low approval rating. You might say her answer was counterintuitive.

"I don't approve of Congress, because we haven't been effective in ending the war in Iraq," she said, adding that "if you asked me in a phone call" from a pollster, she would herself be counted in the disapproval column.