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Dodd jabs Clinton, Edwards in new ads


From NBC's Mark Murray and Chuck Todd

Well, it looks like Dodd's confrontation with Clinton at Tuesday's debate -- over the drivers' license issue -- wasn't an isolated event. His campaign is up with two new TV ads in Iowa that take subtle jabs at Clinton and Edwards.

In in the first ad, two barbers -- whom the Dodd campaign has used in a previous advertisement -- are watching a Clinton ad hailing her health-care plan. "Is that a new plan?" one of the barbers asks. "The only way you're gonna get health care passed is to bring Democrats and Republicans together," the other says. Then: "Why not Dodd? After all, Dodd brought both parties together to pass the Family and Medical Leave Act."

Dodd then adds, "I'm Chris Dodd and I approved this message. I'll bring Republicans and Democrats together to give every American affordable health care."

In the other ad, the same two barbers are watching Edwards, who's saying, "I have been fighting them my entire life" (obviously referring to special interests). You know there's a lot of talk about fighting out there," one says. "Yeah, but we need a president who's about results," the other replies. "Why not Dodd?" they both exclaim.

Of course, profiling barbers could be seen as an additional dig at Edwards over his infamous $400 haircut.

A Dodd spokeswoman tells First Read, "These ads present the fundamental choice that people have in this election. Folks in the early states and across the country are going to be asked to choose which candidate they believe has the record of proven results about issues that matter most to them. Certainly Sen. Dodd has a substantial record of his own to run on, and that's what these ads focus on."