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More oh-eight: Bloomberg in DC

The third-party candidate-in-waiting, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg comes to the DC area today, which inevitably leads to articles like this one: Could he still jump into the race?

Meanwhile, the Washington Times finds some GOP strategists who now would like to see Bloomberg run, because they think he'll siphon off more Dem votes than GOP ones. Thompson pollster John McLaughlin believes that, over time, Bloomberg's issue positions would identify him more as a Democrat and then that would hurt Democrats.

But we continue to ask: Doesn't a Bloomberg candidacy take enough white indie votes to make it easier for Clinton to carry Southern states with large African-American populations?

The AP's Mike Glover does a pretty good tutorial explaining the importance of  "2nd choice" and threshold for the Democratic caucuses.

Richardson, for instance, may be polling in the low double-digits in Iowa, but he could fail to get to the 15% threshold making his supporters -- potentially -- the single most sought-after group by the three Iowa front-runners.

If you are wondering what's taking New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner so long in deciding his state's primary date… He's waiting for Michigan to make sure they don't pull a December surprise or don't try to hold their primary on the same day as they pick.