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Oh-eight (R): Rudy the real winner?

GIULIANI: Time asks whether the real winner of the Democratic debate was Giuliani -- a

point the campaign itself took pains to point out constantly yesterday. "It is almost axiomatic in some circles -- mostly notably the Romney campaign --that Giuliani cannot survive all the scrutiny that will come with being perceived, rightly or wrongly, as the GOP front runner. But that remains to be seen, and given a choice, most candidates would certainly prefer scrutiny to obscurity."

Meanwhile, Giuliani continues his weeklong push proving that he's taking at least one of the two early states -- New Hampshire -- very seriously.

And it's never good for Rudy when Bernie Kerik is in the news -- again. This time, the New York Post calls Kerik "a deadbeat who owes a Manhattan law firm $200,000, court papers charge." In the second paragraph, who's name appears? Rudy Giuliani.

HUNTER: He filed to be on the New Hampshire ballot yesterday.

ROMNEY: The Des Moines Register curtain-raises Romney's trade plan that he'll unveil today in Iowa. The plan sounds as if it's an attempt to appeal to some who are in the anti-free trade wing of the GOP. "Romney plans to roll out a trade plan in Iowa today he said would increase worldwide trade, raise standards among current global trading partners and help retrain U.S. workers who lose their jobs."

THOMPSON: He sought to remind voters of the Clinton fundraising scandals of '90s that Thompson tried to investigate. "'From what I read in the papers, it looks to me like some of the same familiar refrains are playing when I look at Senator Clinton's situation,' Mr. Thompson told reporters yesterday during his first campaign swing through California. 'I'm not going to jump to any conclusions or make any accusations until all the facts are in, but when I see people who are in the newspapers bundling large sums of money from mysterious sources, I must say it brings back some very unfond memories for me when I was chairman of the Governmental Affairs Committee and we investigated those matters in the '90s with regard to President Clinton.'"