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Dec. 5: Florida v. DNC

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Set your calendar, a federal judge set Dec. 5 hearing date in Tallahassee for Florida Sen. Bill Nelson's and Rep. Alcee Hastings' lawsuit against the DNC for stripping the state of all of its delegates.

"Rather than a sham, our laws and democratic values demand that voting be meaningful,'' Nelson and Hastings wrote in a motion to be filed tomorrow.

Nelson's Senate office wrote in a release, "Earlier this week, the DNC asked Judge Robert Hinkle to dismiss Nelson's lawsuit.  DNC attorneys argued that the state party could have held a caucus after the Jan. 29 primary to choose delegates to the national convention. But Nelson and others have said a caucus in a state as populated and geographically large as Florida also would disenfranchise voters, and cost millions more on top of the primary."