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More on the Edwards ad

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From NBC/National Journal's Tricia Miller
As we noted earlier, Edwards is up with a new ad in Iowa. The campaign held a conference call with reporters to discuss the ad push.

"What this ad does is begin to build on the argument John made the other night that … right now we face the moral test of our generation," said Jonathan Prince, Edwards' deputy campaign manager.

The campaign declined to release the amount of money being spent on the ad. They emphasized that while Clinton and Obama have both spent millions of dollars (actual number was disputed but millions is safely vague) on ads in Iowa and Edwards has spent only $23,000, polls there remain very close.

Iowa director Jen O'Malley Dillon said that this week's University of Iowa poll, which showed Edwards falling farther behind Clinton and Obama, also showed that Edwards supporters were the most likely to show up at the caucus.
Prince said this should be considered the kick-off to their fall advertising campaign and declined to talk about the possibility of more ads in other early primary states.