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Clinton, Laura Bush and the debate

From NBC's Lauren Appelbaum
Less than 10 hours after last night's MSNBC debate, Clinton joined First Lady Laura Bush and other leaders to discuss bipartisan legislation to ensure the continuation of historic preservation.

As First Lady, Clinton served as the founding chair of Save America Treasures. When the administration changed, First Lady Laura Bush continued the program while also creating Preserve America. Now, both the House and the Senate are working to turn the executive orders into permanent legislation. Clinton said the effort "represents the very best Washington can achieve."

Sen. Pete Domenici was optimistic, saying the bill will go through congress "rather quickly" and challenged the House to a race. Rep. Turner agreed to the race and said if the Senate beat the House, "That would be historic."

Although Clinton made no mention of the debate, co-sponsor Domenici did discuss it. "I watched the debate last night, and I wasn't sure you were going to get here today," the New Mexico Senator said to Clinton, eliciting laughter from the audience. "Because it was all about you, and you were teriffic."

Clinton later responded to the quick turn around. "It may have been a little difficult for me to get here," she said, "but I wouldn't have missed it. I look forward to passing the legislation, getting it to the President's desk, and passing it into law."