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Giuliani rips Dems on debate

From NBC/National Journal's Matthew E. Berger
BLAUVELT, N.Y. -- Giuliani said Clinton "did something extraordinary in American politics" by taking both sides of the issue of New York drivers licenses for illegal immigrants at Tuesday's debate.
"She did the worst attack on herself," he said outside a diner at a hastily called press conference. "She did the one thing in a debate you never want to do."

Giuliani also defended his own record after being criticized by Biden. Giuliani questioned who had written Biden's comments that Giuliani was not qualified to be president and that every sentence he utters has "a noun and a verb and 9/11."
"Did he read that?" Giuliani said when asked by a diner. "I think somebody wrote that for him. Remember Joe doesn't write his own material."
He went on to reiterate his qualification, including his executive experience.
"I think my qualifications speak for themselves," Giuliani said. "I'd like to know what city, what state, what government or what business any of those people ran. They haven't, and it isn't the time to get on the job training."
Giuliani said he was pleased with the amount of attention the Democratic candidates paid to him at the debate.
More Giuliani excerpts on last night: "They clearly are worried about running against me," he said. "And I got out of it without making a mistake." …

"The reality is I am running on my entire record. Joe doesn't have a record like that to run on. He's never run anything. Neither has Hillary, neither has Barack, neither has John Edwards." …
"I was very pleased with the position I had in the debate last night. I was mentioned more often in that debate than any of the Democrats. I actually am claiming victory in the Democratic debate. I was mentioned more often than the Democrats; they clearly are worried about running against me. They hardly mentioned any of the other Republicans; they mentioned me. And I got out of it without making a mistake. I didn't take two positions on something, and I didn't say I saw an unidentified flying object. I came out of it pretty good."