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More oh-eight: Primary calendar

While there seems to be growing consensus that New Hampshire will hold its primary on Jan. 8, there's a growing debate in Iowa about Sat. Jan. 5 vs. Thurs. Jan. 3. Could the third win out?
Romney's chief Iowa supporter, Doug Gross told our NBC affiliate (WHO) on Friday that the GOP is looking at January 3rd date for the caucuses. "One of the things I think we have to be concerned about on the fifth is that it's so close to the eighth, and all you have is a weekend between those two," said Gross. "The impact of Iowa, I think, is somewhat diminished by that." That could potentially mean that Republicans and Democrats might caucus on different days; the Dems seem to be eyeing the 5th.
Union Leader: Sec/State Bill Gardner "took advantage of a change made this year in a state law that allows him to set the date whenever he think it is necessary in order to protect the leadoff status of the primary. As a result of his decision, the filing period will be three weeks earlier than it would have been under the old law."
Nashua Telegraph on the move up: Gardner "repeated that unless Michigan repealed its recent law for a primary on Jan. 15, New Hampshire's vote would be no later than Jan. 8."
AP: "[S]ome in New Hampshire speculate that Gardner could move the primary into December -- perhaps Dec. 18 -- to ensure plenty of time before the contests to follow."

AP: Oct. 12 is the last day to change party registration.
The Nashua Telegraph's Kevin Landrigan writes: "The timing of Gardner's announcement seemed to signal to the DNC that if they're willing to play further with the calendar for their preferred early states – the South Carolina primary and the Nevada caucus – New Hampshire is perfectly willing to do the same."
Looking toward the general? USA Today hosted a forum featuring Clinton's chief strategsit Mark Penn and Romney's chief guy, Alex Castellanos. 
MSNBC.com's Tom Curry looks at the pull on each party by maverick groups MoveOn.org and the Club for Growth. 
Another reason to keep Iowa weird... Tickets went on sale today for (I am not making this up) CAUCUS! THE MUSICAL. The play, which starts in Des Moines on December 27th, is apparently "a hilarious, irreverent, and oftentimes politically-incorrect look at the Iowa caucuses and how an undersized state plays an oversized role in the presidential nomination process." Per the musical's website, it features songs like "The Tough Question Sidestep" and "Get Off Your Sorry Ass and Vote." 
And can young voters deliver?