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A Date With James In Iowa

From NBC/NJ's Carrie Dann
It's not every day that a hunky actor leaves a message on my cell phone.
TV actor and noted eye candy James Denton, better known as the plumber from hit series Desperate Housewives, recorded an audio message for supporters of John Edwards, who he'll be stumping for this weekend along with Edwards' daughter Cate.  Per my voice mailbox, he's in Iowa this weekend, and he'd "love to meet" me (and everyone else on the phone list) "along the way."
"It's so important that we have a president who actually listens to the American people," says Denton in the recording, "and who has the backbone to stand up to special interests and fight to make sure every American has the opportunities he had."
"John's has been doing this all his whole life, and that's exactly what he'll do as our president."
Oh, and he looks forward to meeting me this weekend.  

Okay, Jim. But I have to be home by ten-thirty or my dad will KILL me.