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Huckabee's $400 haircut

From NBC/NJ's Mike Memoli
Huckabee has just added a stop on his New Hampshire tour this weekend. He's taking Concord hair salon owner David Holden up on his offer to get a $400 haircut, with the proceeds going to autism research. Holden had invited all campaigns to take part after Edwards' expensive grooming was made public earlier this year. Holden said another candidate had expressed interest in coming, but Huckabee will be the first to actually stop by his Main Street Avenue salon when he comes Saturday morning.

"We're pretty excited to have a national candidate come," said Holden, owner of Hair Biz Salon. "We're not interested in poking fun at John Edwards ... The issue really is about giving exposure to the candidates and about giving exposure to autism research." Debra Vanderbeek, Huckabee's New Hampshire campaign manager, said she doesn't know whether Huckabee actually needs a haircut, but wanted to make a contribution.