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'Experience' and 'change' word counts

From NBC's Lauren Appelbaum
of the Democratic candidates have been using the words "experience" and
"change" to show their strengths. Tonight, the words were not used as
much as we may have thought. For the most part, the candidates only
used the words when Tim Russert asked Clinton, Obama, Richardson, and
Dodd about their experience.

Clinton addressed the issue but
used the word experience just once. At other times during the debate,
she did use the word "change" twice. Obama talked about bringing the
country together, using the word experience three times and never using
the word change. Richardson used the line "with Bill Richardson, you
get both, change and experience," saying the word change once and
experience twice. Dodd talked about his number of years in the Senate
as testament to his experience but never used either word.