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More oh-eight: $100 million on ads?

USA Today writes that presidential candidates and the political parties "will spend at least twice as much as they did in 2003-04 on TV ads before nominees are chosen, campaign advertising experts say. A record $100 million or more will likely be paid to put campaign ads on the air by the time the Republican and Democratic races are effectively over, likely some time in February."

"'We had $45 million spent on campaign ads in what was the primary race in 2003 and 2004,' says Evan Tracey, chief operating officer at the Campaign Media Analysis Group of TNS Media Intelligence, which measures political advertising. 'It's easy to say there will be two times that. It certainly goes to $100 million.'"

New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner may announce the dates for the filing period soon. It's supposed to be in the first week of November, so an earlier filing will be the first clue to when the actual primary will be. "At this point, the most I can say is it doesn't appear it will be any later than the 8th of January," said Gardner.

The Los Angeles Times looks at the Clinton-Obama competition for the black vote in South Carolina. "Obama has so far outspent Clinton in the state -- $350,000 to $120,000 in the first half of the year. He has run two radio spots clearly targeting the black vote that have run on 36 hip hop, rap and gospel stations. (Clinton began airing a spot in South Carolina this week on radio stations with what the campaign called 'predominant African American listenership.')

"'Hillary is doing well, but there's a story there about Obama's ground campaign,' said Joe Werner, executive director of the South Carolina Democratic Party. 'They have their sneakers on and they are really working from the ground up. I think he knows he has to do well here.'"