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Fred wants UN charter 'exceptions'

From NBC/National Journal's Adam Aigner-Treworgy
Yesterday Thompson appeared on Bill Bennett's conservative radio show Morning in America to discuss his hard-line views on Iran. Amongst the clamor of Republican voices criticizing Columbia University for its decision to host Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad this past week, Thompson released a statement saying not only should Ahmadinejad not be invited to speak at an American university, he should not even be allowed on American soil.

Yesterday Bennett raised the argument that preventing a foreign head of state from landing in the United States when the purpose of his visit is to speak at the United Nations could be viewed as illegal under the United Nations charter, to which Thompson implied that the charter should include more "exceptions."

"There are exceptions to every rule, and there ought to be exceptions," Thompson said. "This is our home soil, and there ought to be an exception in our own minds whether it's written into the charter or not with regard to people who've declared war on us…I wouldn't mind a little controversy at the United Nations."

Thompson went on to characterize the act of denying Ahmadinejad access to US airports as a "symbolic thing."

"There are not many ways sometimes that you can lay down a strong marker and make a statement to the world and make a statement to subjugated people inside his own country without risk of conflict," Thompson said. "This is one of those cases. This is a freebee. There would be some political repercussions, but when you're thinking about potential nuclear devastation of one part of the world or another, and the balance that Iraq is in right now, it's a relatively small consideration."

With regards to Iran's involvement in Iraq, Thompson said, "they are the main threat in the Middle East," and they are the main voice in that part of the world calling for our withdrawal. He even likened the Iranian's call for US withdrawal to the actions of Congressional Democrats who are attempting to force a drawdown in US troops fighting in Iraq.

"[The Iranian government] are the ones standing by hoping we will fail, giving the same talking points I hear on Capitol Hill as to how we ought to get out of [Iraq] and they'll be the ones that will fill that vacuum," Thompson said. "They're doing everything in the world to defeat us and to be the king of the hill in that part of the world."