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Clinton focuses on 9/11 sick

From NBC/NJ's Athena Jones
NEW YORK -- Before Clinton headed to Washington for the Petraeus-Crocker Senate Armed Services Committee hearing this afternoon, she spent her morning at the Sept. 11 memorial ceremony near Ground Zero in New York. She released a statement that focused, in part, on rescue workers who became sick after 9/11.

"Countless New Yorkers and others continue to experience health problems as a result of the toxic cloud of chemicals and debris that blanketed streets and poisoned lungs," Clinton said in the statement. "Many are sick. Some have died. We must never forget the sacrifice of those who served at Ground Zero and Fresh Kills in the rescue and recovery -- and we must honor their sacrifice by helping all those who need it."

She did not make any public remarks, though a series of present and former city and state officials -- including Giuliani -- did address the crowd of about 1,000, which included family and friends of victims, who stood under gray skies, intermittent showers and driving winds. Some in the audience wore yellow-and-white ribbons and carried bouquets of flowers. About two-dozen people held signs and pictures of loved ones throughout much of the nearly four-hour ceremony.