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Biden from Iraq

From NBC's Samantha Mehrotra
Instead of the campaign trail, Biden was in Iraq yesterday to assess the progress made on political and military benchmarks. Speaking to reporters in Ramadi, the senator discussed his ongoing concerns about the possibility of achieving stability in the country. "Unless the central government is able to actually begin to work with the promises, there is not a whole lot of prospect... I doubt that the unity at a federal level is likely to occur in the near term."
"I'm hoping to … make it clear that the patience of the American people is running very thin," he added. "Although terrorism is an international problem, Iraqi unity is an Iraqi problem." Despite these problems however, Biden said progress is being made locally and that the United States military and tribal leaders are making strides against Al Qaeda.
Regarding the presidential campaign, Biden made it clear during his visit today that he is the most informed candidate when it comes to Iraq. When asked why he decided to come to Ramadi, the senator said: "This is my ninth trip. I've been here more than the president and more than most of my colleagues. I come about every six months."