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Oh-eight (D): Midnight train to Colorado

CLINTON: Norman Hsu was arrested yesterday -- taking a train in Colorado, of all places. The Los Angeles Times: "Hsu, 56, was on an eastbound Amtrak train about noon when he fell ill, and Amtrak personnel took him to St. Mary's Hospital in Grand Junction, Colo., a hospital spokesman said. There, he was arrested by the FBI a few hours later on a federal charge of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. He was expected to appear before a federal magistrate-judge as early as this morning, pending his likely extradition back to California." 

More bad news? With Clinton in New Jersey today, this New York Daily News headline will loom: "Hillary campaign honcho among 11 busted in N.J. sting." From the article: "Passaic Mayor Sammy Rivera, 60, allegedly accepted $5,000 at a secret restaurant meet, offering to use his influence to name the dummy company Passaic's official insurance broker. Rivera, a former cop with a checkered history, was also a featured member of Clinton's long list of campaign endorsements. He was on Clinton's Mayor's Council and her National Hispanic Leadership Council."

EDWARDS: Here are some more excerpts of Edwards' counterterrorism speech in New York today: "There is now only one key question we must ask ourselves: are we any closer to getting rid of terrorism than we were six years ago? And the terrible answer is no, we're further away. Today, terrorism is worse in Iraq, and it's worse around the world. So what does all this mean? It means the results are in on George Bush's so-called 'global war on terror' and it's not just a failure, it's a double-edged failure."

The Washington Post also notes that Edwards is expected to say something similar to what Obama did when the Illinois senator gave his counterterrorism speech. "In today's speech, Edwards is expected to [say], 'if the Pakistani government fails to take care of the problem of al-Qaeda, we will.'"

The Des Moines Register covers Edwards picking up the endorsement of the 200,000-member Transportation Workers Union yesterday.

Edwards has already picked up an endorsement from the Carpenters, but he will officially get the endorsement on Saturday at a rally in Nashua, NH.

OBAMA: While Obama's national poll numbers may still be lagging behind Clinton's, he can at least boast a lead on the internet. "Obama's Web site had the most unique visitors in July, with 717,000, according to Nielsen/NetRatings. Fellow Democrats Sen. Hillary Clinton had 437,000 unique visits, followed by 348,000 for former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards." 

Obama's campaign will also push aggressively for Colorado's 70 delegates, organizing for the Caucus there before they some larger states holding their primaries on February 5th.